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Index Linked Contracted Energy Volume Open

Index Linked Contract can be used by National Grid ESO to meet the [voltage requirement](https://www.nationalgrideso.com/transmission-constraint-management?market-information "voltage"). The contract is...

133 ESO
Tags: Balancing Balancing Services Constraint Contract Contract Enactment Fixed Index Index-linked Linked Price Reactive Spread Subscribable Trading Voltage Volume
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National Grid ESO 2021-12-06

Balancing Services Contract Enactment Open

National Grid ESO procures [balancing service contracts](https://www.nationalgrideso.com/balancing-services/list-all-balancing-services) to balance demand and supply and to ensure the security and quality of...

Tags: Balancing Services Constraint Contract Enactment Fixed Price Power Reactive Subscribable Voltage

National Grid ESO 2021-12-06

Phase 2: FFR Auction Results Summary Open

As part of our work on developing our balancing services we are running a weekly trial auction for Firm Frequency Response. The weekly auction trial results and order hash data are available here.

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Tags: Auction Balancing Balancing Services Dlh Ffr Lfs Response Subscribable Trial

National Grid ESO 2021-11-27