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Upcoming Trades

In order to meet forecast Electricity System Operator (ESO) balancing requirements at minimum cost, ESO trades energy-related products. This dataset displays all upcoming electricity trades due to be delivered...


Tags: Balancing Energy Subscribable System Trades

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National Grid ESO 2022-05-17

Super Stable Export Limit Contract Enactment

Super Stable Export Limit (SEL) is utilised to directly decrease the sum of the minimum MW level or SEL of generators synchronized to the system by lowering the minimum generating level at a generator...


Tags: Contract Cost Downward Regulation Energy Generation Reserve Subscribable Super Sel Synchronisation

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National Grid ESO 2022-04-12

Future Energy Scenario (FES) Building Block Data

We have been working with the other network companies as part of the Energy Networks Association (ENA) Open Networks project. The Whole System Electricity Future Energy Scenarios (FES) part of this work seeks...


Tags: Bulding Blocks Capacity Defs Demand Energy Fes Fes2020 Fes2021 Future Generation Scenarios Subscribable

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National Grid ESO 2022-02-18

Regional breakdown of FES data (Electricity)

Long term electricity forecasts per region covering demand, demand side response and distributed generation based on our Future Energy Scenarios. Regions presented are Grid Supply Points (GSPs) and large sites...


Tags: Active Defs Demand Distribution Electric Energy Future Heat Maps Peak Power Pumps Regional Response Scenarios Storage Subscribable Vehicles

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National Grid ESO 2021-07-20

Future Energy Scenario – Electricity Supply Data Table (ES1)

The Future Energy Scenarios (FES) represent a range of different, credible ways to decarbonise our energy system as we strive towards the 2050 target. One of the FES outputs is an agreed set of...


Tags: Electricity Energy Es1 Fes Future Scenario Subscribable Supply Table

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National Grid ESO 2021-07-20