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Embedded Capacity Register

All distributed generation with a capacity of 1MW or above captured in a consolidated format including generator type, location, capacity and wider key information.

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Tags: Capacity Chp Export Generation Mpan Pv Solar Wind

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Western Power Distribution 2022-05-13

Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) Tariffs

This dataset contains a breakdown of all the Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) tariff elements of which are forecasted and set by the revenue team at National Grid ESO. These files will be updated on...


Tags: Charging Demand Demand Residual Banded Charges Embedded Export Generator Revenue Subscribable Tarifs Tnuos

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National Grid ESO 2022-05-09

Western Power Distribution Data Challenge 1: High Resolution Peak Estimation

This is the data for the first of three Western Power Distribution (WPD) short data challenges! The aims of these challenges include: - Demonstrating the value in making data openly available - Increasing...

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Tags: Challenge Demand Estimation Export Generation Time Series

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Western Power Distribution 2022-01-13