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Spatial Datasets

Since 2016, Western Power Distribution have developed an approach to geographically map areas of our network. These are defined an Electricity Supply Areas (ESA). This dataset contains the ESAs in addition to...

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Western Power Distribution 2022-08-12

Primary Substation Location (Easting / Northings)

Location of WPD Primary Substations (Easting / Northings)

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Western Power Distribution 2022-07-17

EV Capacity

A list of the Distribution Substations, including the network referencing up to GSP and Local Authority, and a description of the available capacity for EV chargers to be installed. This dataset is used to...

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Western Power Distribution 2022-07-06

Constraint Management Zone (CMZ) - Polygons

This data sets contains the Constraint Management Zone polygons.

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Western Power Distribution 2022-06-23