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Dynamic Containment 4 Day Forecast

The dataset contains forecasts of our Dynamic Containment Low and High requirements for the next 4-days. The methodology uses forecasted demand, inertia, and response volumes as well as a view of the largest...


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National Grid ESO 2022-05-17

Firm Frequency Response (FFR) Market Information

Firm Frequency Response (FFR) market information reports on the FFR requirement for two months ahead of the publishing month, as well as information on the contracts due to provide in the month following the...

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National Grid ESO 2022-04-29

Firm Frequency Response (FFR) Post Tender Reports

The Firm Frequency Response (FFR) post tender reports are published following each monthly tender. They indicate which tenders were accepted and rejected and the information submitted for these tenders. Reason...

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National Grid ESO 2022-04-27

Phase 2: FFR Auction Results Summary

As part of our work on developing our balancing services we are running a weekly trial auction for Firm Frequency Response. The weekly auction trial results and order hash data are available...

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National Grid ESO 2022-03-19

Regional breakdown of FES data (Electricity)

Long term electricity forecasts per region covering demand, demand side response and distributed generation based on our Future Energy Scenarios. Regions presented are Grid Supply Points (GSPs) and large sites...


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National Grid ESO 2021-07-20