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Upcoming Trades

In order to meet forecast Electricity System Operator (ESO) balancing requirements at minimum cost, ESO trades energy-related products. This dataset displays all upcoming electricity trades due to be delivered...


Tags: Balancing Energy Subscribable System Trades

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National Grid ESO 2022-05-17

System Inertia

This dataset contains an estimate of the outturn inertia and market provided inertia for Great Britain Transmission System.


Tags: Inertia Subscribable System Transmission

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National Grid ESO 2022-05-17

System Frequency

This page holds the historic system frequency data for Great Britain at a 1 second resolution. It is the role of the National Grid ESO to keep the system frequency at 50 Hz, with a statutory limit of 0.5 Hz...

40 ESO

Tags: Frequency Historic Subscribable System

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National Grid ESO 2022-05-11

Voltage System Costs

To give greater insight on balancing decisions, this post monthly report provides outturn system costs for maintaining voltage levels on the network. Maintaining the electricity system at the correct voltages...


Tags: Cost Diagram Network Subscribable System Voltage


National Grid ESO 2022-04-15

Live System Information

This page contains live system data for transmission demand, frequency and transfers. This dataset does not currently include any files to download, all information is presented on this page. Use the links...


Tags: Demand Frequency Live System Transfers

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National Grid ESO 2021-07-20

System Excursions

The National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) publishes an annual report on the performance of the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS) in Great Britain and fulfils Transmission Licence...


Tags: Excursions Frequency Subscribable System Voltage

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National Grid ESO 2021-07-20