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Interconnector Requirement and Auction Summary Data Open

National Grid ESO (NGESO) trades on interconnectors to adjust the flow of electricity into or out of Great Britain to help manage system issues such as Rate Of Change Of Frequency (ROCOF), thermal constraints...

Tags: Auction Bid Bidding Britned Gtma Ic Ifa Ifa2 Interconnector Nemo Requirement Sch7a Schedule 7a Subscribable Trades Trading

National Grid ESO 2021-10-11

Historic GTMA (Grid Trade Master Agreement) Trades Data Open

This dataset contains data for historic GTMA (Grid Trade Master Agreement) trades conducted since April 2015. The data includes the trade ID, start and end time and date, the volume in MW, the price in £/MWh...

Tags: Agreement Data Grid Gtma Historic Master Sch7a Schedule 7a Subscribable Trade Trades Trading

National Grid ESO 2021-10-11

Index Linked Contracted Energy Volume Open

Index Linked Contract can be used by National Grid ESO to meet the [voltage requirement](https://www.nationalgrideso.com/transmission-constraint-management?market-information "voltage"). The contract is...

133 ESO
Tags: Balancing Balancing Services Constraint Contract Contract Enactment Fixed Index Index-linked Linked Price Reactive Spread Subscribable Trading Voltage Volume
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National Grid ESO 2021-10-11