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We have been working with the other network companies as part of the Energy Networks Association (ENA) Open Networks project. The Whole System Electricity Future Energy Scenarios (FES) part of this work seeks to develop processes to coordinate National and Regional Future Energy Scenarios whilst providing improved clarity and transparency to stakeholders around the various scenarios being produced by ourselves and the network companies.

This work is intended to align the GB FES and Regional Distribution Future Energy Scenarios (DFES's) forecasts further and to ensure the data presented gives an accurate reflection of the whole industries’ best view of the future scenarios.

One of the outputs is an agreed set of common building blocks, of which the GB FES values are included here. Common building blocks ensure that the results of the GB FES and Regional DFESs are published to a consistent template making comparison easier as we can now directly compare like for like components.

We hope you find this additional information useful. Should you have any comments please don’t hesitate to contact us. For suggestions related the data provision itself, you may also contact us and/or the ENA Open Networks project via opennetworks@energynetworks.org

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FES 2020 Building Blocks - Version 1.3

This dataset contains the result of our modelling catogarised as per the agreed building block definitions.


Building Block Definitions 2020

This file contains descriptions of the building block categories used in FES 2020.


FES 2021 Building Blocks - Version 8.0

Future Energy Scenarios data in Building Block format and defintions


Building Block Definitions 2021

Definitions and comments on Building Block categories for 2021

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