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Live GSP Data - West Midlands Open

18 No licence known 12

CSV 2021-11-30 12

Live GSP Data - South Wales Open

10 No licence known 12

CSV 2021-11-30 12

Live GSP Data - South West Open

11 No licence known 12

CSV 2021-11-30 12

Live Data Open

4 wpd-open-data 12

CSV 2021-11-30 12

Live GSP Data - East Midlands Open

16 wpd-open-data 12

CSV 2021-11-30 12

Western Power Distribution Data Challenge 1: High Resolution Peak Estimation Open

This is the data for the first of three Western Power Distribution (WPD) short data challenges! The aims of these challenges include: - Demonstrating the value in making data openly available - Increasing...

5 wpd-open-data 12
Challenge, Demand, Estimation, Export, Generation, Time Series

Unknown ZIP 2021-11-26 12

Fault Level Open

Fault level data encompassing system impedance, calculated fault levels and ratings.

1 wpd-open-data 12
Break, Fault, Make, Ratings

CSV 2021-11-19 12

South Wales BSP Transformer Flows Open

Import, Generation and Demand values at half hourly granularity per transformer for the previous two years from 31st March 2021

36 wpd-open-data 12

CSV JSON 2021-11-18 12

Smart Meters Open

There are two main types of smart meters – the older models known as SMETS 1 (Smart Meter Equipment Technical Specifications) and the newer versions that were rolled out in 2018, known as SMETS 2. While SMETS2...

1 wpd-open-data 12
Meter, Primary, Smart

CSV 2021-11-18 12

Embedded Capacity Register Open

All distributed generation with a capacity of 1MW or above captured in a consolidated format including generator type, location, capacity and wider key information.

13 wpd-open-data 12
Capacity, Chp, Export, Generation, Mpan, Pv, Solar, Wind

CSV 2021-11-18 12